We Remember The Unabomber

Comments solicited from former classmates at Harvard & U.C. Berkeley

"I took a math class from him in Berkeley. He taught us Fibonacci's theory of sequential analysis and set theories. He was most helpful in my understanding of why marijuana plants have a sequence of 3, 5, 7, or 9 leaves."

BRENDA aka Daisy or Flower Girl or Berkeley Brenda:

"He wasn't very hip - always a far off look in his eyes. He never got high. I don't remember if we had sex. We went on walks and he would quote Planck or Bobby Fisher."

JOHN aka Johnny Spirit:

"He was very funny - hysterical really when he was tripping. I almost forgot how he used to explode with laughter when someone said three plus three equals six. Sometimes he'd laugh for no apparent reason. He used to speak of fractals and crystals. I got into crystal cause of him."

DON aka Che:

"He was one of the few from the Math Department who was against the war in Vietnam. He said he could add up the numbers and we should believe him. Was he right? It came as a complete surprise that he was an environmentalist. I always thought he was into politics!"


"We used to do a lot of acid together, back when it was legal, & would try to fuck, but he really got off better with a slide ruler. There was a rumor that he would do unspeakable things with a slide ruler in private, but no one ever saw him so no one spoke of it. But he used to analyze the dynamics of exponential factors in multiple orgasms - after I explained what they were. I didn't have any with him that I know of."


"He was torn between the dialectic in humanistic mathematics & something else. Who knows? At a Math Deptartment picnic during one of the strikes the punch was dosed & Ted got naked & began to quote Alan Turning and scribble math formulas in day glow on some hippie girls thighs. He used to mumble about wanting to understand pubic hair and fractal theory, but while he understood fractals like no one else, he had never seen pubic hair. Even when girls were dancing naked in front of him."


"Did you speak with Cheryl? She was in another faction! You should know that's not her real name. Anyway, whatever she said Ted did with a slide ruler, we did too!"

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