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Since our generation invented both Television and Rock N Roll, we present here for the first time, the top music moments on television, as selected by VH1 and Entertainment Weekly magazine:

List of Rock Music's Top TV Moments

By The Associated Press

1. The Beatles' debut onThe Ed Sullivan Show 1964

2. Elvis Presley's comeback special on NBC, 1968.

3. MTV launches with first video, ``Video Killed the Radio Star'' by the Buggles, 1981.

4. ``Saturday Night Live'' premieres, showcasing musical acts each week, 1975.

5. ``Motown 25'' special featuring Michael Jackson's first moonwalk, 1983.

6. Dick Clark's ``American Bandstand'' series premieres, 1957.

7. Live Aid aired by ABC and MTV, 1985.

8. Madonna rolls around the stage in a wedding gown singing ``Like a Virgin'' on the MTV Video Awards, 1984.

9. Elvis Presley performs on The Ed Sullivan Showshown only from the waist up, 1956.

10. The Who's use of too much explosives ending their performance on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hourin 1967.

11. Michael Jackson's ``Thriller'' video debuts on MTV, 1983.

12. Elton John performs his ``Candle in the Wind'' remake at Princess Diana's funeral, 1997.

13. The Monkees TV series premieres, 1966.

14. John Lennon and Yoko Ono co-host a week of ``The Mike Douglas Show,'' 1972.

15. The Tami Show Leslie Gore, The Rolling Stones Beach Boys, Chuck Berry and James Brown perform on ``The T.A.M.I. Show'' on ABC, 1964. (Leslie Gore links)

16. The Doors sing ``girl we couldn't get much higher'' on ``The Ed Sullivan Show'' after censors tell them not to, 1968.

17. Dancer with ``Soy Bomb'' written on his chest crashes Bob Dylan's Grammy Awards performance, 1998.

18. Nirvana's ``Smells Like Teen Spirit'' video debuts on MTV, 1991.

19. Musicians tape the ``We Are the World'' video, 1985.

20. James Brown appears live from the Boston Garden after Martin Luther King's assassination, 1968.

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