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Syosset, California

Are there many Syosset Grads on the West Coast? Does anyone have an interest in an All Syosset Reunion to be held in the SF Bay Area this summer, winter or fall?

C A N C E R ** S U R V E Y

Updated Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Address NOT Required

To protect anonymity, this survey will no longer be summarized by address. Instead INTERSECTIONS will serve the purpose without compromising privacy. Information you share will be entered into fields corresponding to closest intersectionyou're your elementary school. The area being considered in this survey are those neighborhoods served by South Grove, Robbins Lane, Willits & Baylie Elem Shools. This project is evolving and your participation is most welcome.

Summarized data will eventually be available on a PRIVATE Google Map, NOT to be published, available ONLY by invitation. A db kept here on an external drive will be encrypted and not available over the web!

What Would Be Most Helpful:

Graduates from each class who can forward this page to classmates, siblings, parents, friends of siblings, etc. The participation of everyone with knowledge of cancer in their families is appreciated and highly necessary. While names and addresses are not needed for this study, the following information is critical:

You do NOT have to have been diagnosed while living in Syosset. If you grew up in Syosset and attended one of the four elementary schools, it does not matter when you moved, but please provide the year each diagnosed person departed.

Closest INTERSECTION of home where cancer was diagnosed;
Graduating classe(s) of all SYS Grads
Moved into "brand new home?"
and for each person in the house diagnosed:

Elem School
Sex and Age when diagnosed
Type of cancer(s) and Result /Outcome
How long lived at address?
Health Issues with offspring?
Still live in Syosset?
Health of parents?
Did I forget anything?

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You may have to "zoom out" to see map.

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