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Lightshow Artists & Art

Astral Visuals
Astrology 3d
Bubble Vision, UK
Cosmic Design Brazil
Dr. Friendly: audio- visual mathematics from a professor of physics
Dr. F/X
GeoMagnetic.tv / Dr. Spook
Flying Snail
General Chaos Visuals Toronto
Email Celestine Star / Golden Star Productions
Inside Us All
Jacob McKean
Larry Carlson
Light O Matic NYC
Light Rhythm Visuals
Like A Dream Lightshow
Love Mushroom
Melt Logic
Menta l FX
Pixy Light
Robbie's Psychedelic Art Dot Com
Solar Fire Light Show
Techno Light & Sound
Universal Light Forms * HI
VJ Luna

Party Producers, Decorators and Links pages

Fluoro Botanics Psychedelic backdrops * Czech Republic
GoodVision * Moscow
Psychedelic * Belgium
PsyTribe * Los Angeles
Psychedelix dot com
Vision 34 * Denmark


Kim Salloway Photography
Jordan's Place
Amie Potsic - Fine art photography
Patrick Webbery

Mad Physicists, Burner, Museums & Other Resources

Dimension 7
Burning Man
The Crucible A most phenomenal Bay Area Resource
Virtual Playa
Lysergic Arts Labs
Michael Bluejays BM Links
Dr. Maarten. Bubbles, Soap Film & more!!!
The Wizzard from Black Rock City

Light, Visual and New Age Artists

Alex Grey
Zen Graphica
Sacred Light by Mark Henson.
Psychedelic Art Dot Com
Magic Mushroom Inspired Art

Bands & Music

The Non Prophets
Goa Trance - Goa DB
Jam Bands
Dave Nelson Band
The Zen Tricksters
Radio Humbolt!
KPIG, Freedom CA The Best Damned Radio Station in America!!!
Technicolor Web of Sound '60's Psychedelic Web Radio.

Friends & Family

Kesey Productions
Veterans Speakers Alliance
Garden of Beadin - Beads & More
Merry Pranksters
Wavy Gravy Sweet Clown
SEVA Foundation
Paul Krassner
San Francisco Mime Troupe A Forty Year Trip

Links For The Mind And Body:

Veterans For Peace
Ken Again Syosset Literary Online
Grateful Dead Hour
David Gross PunMaster Music Wire
Relix Magazine
Veterans Speakers Alliance
Ion & Light, Healthy Air & Water (in your home, car & office!)
PeaceNet, EcoNet, LaborNet - Networks for Social, Political & Ecological Activism

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