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Ken Kesey
September 17, 1935 - November 10, 2001

The Merry Pranksters
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The following articles are reprinted with or without permission of the authors.

John Allen Cassady
Allen Cohen
John Perry Barlow
Robert Hunter
Jorma Kaukonen
New York Times Op/Ed
New York Times Obituary
Memorial Service
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Fond Farewell By Susan Palmer; Register-Guard (cover story with pictures)
Oregon Loses a Legend By Bob Keefer & Susan Palmer; Register Guard

Remembering Kesey By Joel Selvin

From the Salon website. Thanks to Bob Sarles for passing these on.
Down on the Peacock Farm By Rob Elder
An Appreciation By Sean Elder
Calling Ken Kesey By Brook Wilensky-Lanford

A Bunch of Short Pieces

Call For Submissions

Kesey sites with recollections, bibliography & links
Full Moon Family
Prankster History Project

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