Rainbow Puddle Graphic


Rainbow Puddle Liquid Light Psychedelic Projections mixes a combination of Liquid Light (Liquidlight or "oils"), live real-time video, original movie clips, & unique and original psychedelic graphics into state of the art animation technology to create multi- layered imagery that is projected onto walls, screens, or fabrics ceilings, floors and dancers.

Our intention is to enhance your extraordinary sensory perceptions while merging the aural and visual experience into a magical blend that all in attendance will joyfully remember and pleasurably recall.

Rainbow Puddle 

Acting as an ambient intermediary between the band, DJ and audience, Rainbow Puddle provides a visual feast that can be especially crafted for your particular event, loading your logos, symbols, and images into the live mix.

Rainbow Puddle Psychedelic Projections can meet any budget and will creatively and happily color your world! Available for most venues, DJs bands, tours, Burning Man events, private parties, Festivals, Proms, Bar Mitzvahs All Night Dance Parties and more. While I can work a multi- screen show alone, like many other VJ's I do best with co-conspirators creating collaborations high on extra-sensory overload.


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