Two Hundred Seven Projections in 2007

A Rainbow Puddle Production with Associates to be named later, other guests, and seventy-five of the planet's finest video, light and visual projection artists.

A Lightworks Festival for Transformation and Dance "Two Hundred Seven Projections in 2007"

Digital and analog projection techniques make it possible to create large-scale immersive environments that are filled with more motion, meaning, light, and intention than has ever been possible before. Our power over illumination (in all its forms), and its power over us, has never been greater. And when we chaotically combine motion, light, and imagery, the magical illusions that result interact with our minds and our spirits, enabling and empowering us on multiple levels.

This is great news. The Illumination Festival sees how far we can take these new possibilities, with seventy-five of the planet's finest video, light, and visual projection artists.

This weekend-long Bay Area event will encompass:

imagery for dance festivals - two nights
imagery for meditation and healing - Saturday afternoon
children and family dream and play space - Saturday afternoon
Massive International Battle of VJ’s Sunday afternoon & evening

By combining older analog and modern digital techniques, an ambiance ablaze with deep color, vital movement and chaotic animations creating thoughtful imagery will be projected to screens and monitors surrounding participants.

This Festival would be produced as an Illumination Festival of Imagery where musicians and DJ's would be enlisted to support the imagery by "filling out the light forms" with livecomposition. The dynamic interplay between music and illuminations will be key to unlocking vast resources that already exist within us and give greater access to the projections and flow of imagery which will allow for exchanges on simultaneous levels involving emotion, imagery, and audio.

Imagery would be projected from the following sources:
Overhead (Liquid Light)
Intelligent lighting
multi colored lasers

The spiritual context of imagery and light, it's depth and expansive possibilities, it's unique shedding, and the chaotic way light and shadowing cause divisions and completion of light forms are areas that we wish to explore in a massive annd community fashion. If the architecture of the venue is condusive to effects lighting, our wish is to take advantage of that element as well. (With an ideal budget and venue, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco for example, is surrounded by Beaux Arts architecture who’s lighting would help set a stage for what is occurring inside.)

An ambiance consisting of the elements that hold light and imagery together, will be created to transform our environment and our selves. Here our goal is to gain deeper meanings from the combinations and interplay of light and color that will create natural illusions and dream like illuminations in a thoroughly multi media environment. Our projections will make it appear that color is coming from audio speakers. Ultimately, we wish to create an environment that is defined by light and imagery.

Time and space will be broken into several manageable events.

Friday Night Opening
party DJs & dancers surrounded by immersive projections;
Saturday Afternoon: family and children interactive video, magic and dream, with participation of staff from Exploritorium.
Saturday night music will highlight the weekend with breakfast being served Sunday morning.
The weekend’s Signature Event would be an Internantional Battle of VJ’s beginning Sunday afternoon and ending Sunday night.

Each team of visual projectionists would be responsible for their own mixing equipment. To create uniformity, an environment surrounded by large and medium sized flat and plasma screens and rear projection screens. The idea is to encircle participants in imagery.

Several "central mixing" matrix routing stations would manage feeds from "each" of the visual projection stations in their domain. These feeds would be mixed and projected to dedicated screens and/or monitors.

One "Super mixing" station would be on-line to take feeds from the "central mixing" stations and combine them with animation and live video.

Visual projectionists would be given an opportunity to have live feeds or use their own optics.

Participating visual projectionists would be selected by a jury of Bay Area animators and party organizers.

1) Music & AV & FX companies
2) Major print and internet media,
3) Alternative power supplier (we gonna need POWER!)
4) Hardware and Software companies.
5) Ad space on web page
6) live broadcast would be seen as revenue stream.

It is the intention to compensate all performing artists.

Formally connecting this Festival with planned multi media conventions in the Bay Area would be a good thing and something worthwhile investigating and dating.

A critical mass of this energy and art will blend to assist in our quest for fun and the truths and beauty that light represent. Our desires are the illumination of the brightest of our future paths, the clarity and vision needed to make these creations real and the movement, color, texture and forms that light represent and with which it is magically interactive - - for universal pleasure and ageless enjoyment. It is our desire that bridges of light will assist us in our childish quest for fun, our adult need for meditation and healing and in ushering and dancing in the Dawn of the Third Millenium.

Input and critical feedback appreciated. So are leads for seed funding. Thanks for your time and the opportunity to share a dream with you.

background collage by Rainbow Puddle Photos by Kris, from his Gallery: