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The New Breed, by Modern Drummer Very highly regarded instruction books. "A classic!" "An original that uses an approach found in no other book!" "He wrote the book on drumming!" Louis Belsen

RhythmWeb 20th Century Drummers Hall of Fame

This is a campaign to increase awareness of the contributions to music, our lives and rock n roll in particular, of one particularly significant "sessions" or "sidemen" drummers of our lifetime. So far, his name and accomplishments have eluded the selection processes of both The Grammies and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

His drumming can be found behind such diverse talents as Aretha Franklin, Frankie Avalon, Tony Bennett, Don Croce, Bob Dylan, Bing Crosby, Dinah Washington, Dionne Warwick, Perry Como, Bobby Vinton, Gene Pitney, Neil Sedaka, Frank Sinatra, The Drifters, The Coasters, Petula Clark, Van Morrison.

The list is rather long (to download) and covers over three decades from over 16,000 studio sessions! Those who are familiar with Gary's work from Detroit to Philly and New York City understand my renaming "Oldies" radio stations to "Gary Chester Radio." This short download list is not as complete but won't take any time to view.

Full disclosure forces me to reveal that Gary married my cousin Janis fifty years ago. He passed away in 1987 leaving a family that misses him to this day. His books on drumming, entitled, New Breed and "New Breed II" are published by Modern Drummer and are are widely studied. Jazz Drummers has him listed in their search engine.

Gary's teaching style has been blessed by drummers from John Molo to Louie Belsen among many others. Please pass this around to drummer friends of yours. His techniques will improve their styles. Pass it around to friends too. His accomplishments and the value his rich drumming has added to our lives are phenomenal. The fact that the songs he backed are among the most cherished of all oldies is in itself fine recognition.


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