Blue Angel's

Originally published in newsgroup gen.opinions 1992, one of many stories from my Taxi Diaries indexed as "Muskat Muses."

As if this world weren't weird enough:

It's 100 degrees on my deck and 120 in my office, very un-San Francisco weather, and the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels are diving San Francisco in preparation for the gala, once-a-year and one-of-a-kind event known in these parts as "Fleet Week." Thousands of civilians will line the Marina Green and celebrate masculinity, excuse me, I meant militarism, by barbecuing meat and tofu while Sailors and Marines celebrate liberty in bars, whorehouses and dungeons from The Castro to North Beach.

I've got a great view of the practice runs wishing I had several thousand remote activated balloons strategically placed around the City. But who wants to get up the danders of those green environmentalists behind the likelihood of suffocating some animals that will never end up on a grill on the Marina Green anyway? Well, maybe it could be a meat eaters action!

Contradictions soar as six death planes do beautiful geometric dances between 8,000 and 1,500 feet. I never see an air show without remembering the French pilot and his Mirage that never made it up from an earth bound nose dive and ended up spread all over the air field outside Paris.

It is easy to forget that in other places, planes like these carry weapons of massive destruction. Children, the unaware and the right wing see what they want to see. I guess we all do yet a sightless person shivers when told the sound is five or six Blue Angels turning out of a several hundred mile an hour 360 degree swoop. The sixth plane trails as a reminder of Dead Angels (not to be confused with Dead Heads or Hell's Angels) - yet we all can be reminded of the awesome death these machines inflict - smart or dumb, one way or the other, they deal death.

Even if they can manage to pull off five planes in tight formation and vapor trails blazing, a pattern several thousand feet high of one half a heart. It doesn't take ESP to deduce it was the right ventricle.

I wonder how many kids will enlist on the Marina Green this weekend?

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