Bits & Pieces #1

Originally published in newsgroup gen.opinions 1991, one of many stories from my Taxi Diaries indexed as "Muskat Muses."

Well, isn't it good news to know that teens won't be having sex this year? At least not with the assistance of the federal government. Seems the rr (religious right) has censored an educational campaign focused at sexually active teenagers. The implication is that teenagers, who are not of voting age, do not require sexual education because they "are not supposed" to be having sex. Says Who? Thinking must be along the lines of "What they don't know can't hurt them." This is jaundiced mentality.

"Storm The City" is the billboard ad campaign from Geo. (I guess it says "Storm The Country" in outlying regions.)

Why do all local news programs switch to commercials at the same instant? Another conspiracy afoot here?

And, if any of you haven't seen the new issue of Paul Krassner's "The Realist," featuring a lead article loaded with questions about Bush & Nixon involvement with JFK's asassination, get right down to your neighborhood commie pinko bokstore. Seems the rest of us know where we were that day, except for Bush! You may try writing The Realist, PO Box 1230, Venice, CA 90294 & enclosing more money they you think you should (Newstand price is $2). In case you aren't familiar with this excellent publication, it is this nation's oldest underground (sic) newspaper, wildly irreverent, & usually satirical. (The conspiracy pieces don't have to be satrical, but may be by nature.)

Bumper Sticker Sighting:

Fukitnottin - When Nothing Else Matters

Turned on the tv a couple of weeks ago to an impossible selection. Had a choice about the last episode of China Beach, replete with flashbacks & a trip to The Wall or a movie about anti-semitism & racism. Gimme cartoons!

Generally, I am opposed to the death penalty. I don't feel the state has the right to terminate a life. Except for rapists and child molesters! Second conviction? Bang! Bye! These people can't be cured and repeat offenders are a threat to my children and every woman on the planet. If these men can't be "fixed" or cured so they no longer threaten such a large segment of the population, society has a responsibility to its children to protect them from psychotic behavior and all forms of abuse.

Close The Schools! Tired of paying taxes for kids to learn nothing? Prop. 13 supporter or critic? Tired of bellyaching teachers screaming for more money and manipulating our children into writing letters to legislators? Many yuppies (and others) resent having to pay taxes to support public schools when private schooling does the job so well. So what if only the rich and upper middle class can afford education. It's been proved that poor folks don't need to be bright.

U.S. schools are doing what they are supposed to do. . .preparing youth for meaningless jobs and keeping them locked down for most of the day. Education departments should be closed, and at the very least, the Bureau Of Prisons should take over administration and teaching curriculum should be developed by business and industry. Imagine Safeway High, DuPont Continuation, General Motors Performing Arts Acadamy, Army High, MicroSoft Tech.

Let your legislators know what you feel about smart bombs and dumb schools!

Reforger 91 will begin in August and last through October. Thousands of U.S. based troops will join members of the armed farces from England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in a simulated defense of the continent. (more details in the conf military.index.). One might ask from whom do the Europeans needed protection. Reforger, began during the height of the Vietnam war (and the cold war) 22 years ago was designed to thwart any nasty behavior of Warsaw Pact forces. Today, there is no longer a Warsaw Pact, in fact, there are no preceived threats from Eastern Europe, except for unemployed and hungry people. A waste of money this reforger. Oh, who do you think is paying for this? Anyone know how many millions it will costs in jet fuel alone?

catch you later.

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