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Ed Rosenthal's
Zero Tolerance,

a natural herbal Pesticide will give you the power to "Just Say No" to mites, thrips whiteflies, powdery mildew and many other common garden pests. With "Zero Tolerance" you can "Just Say No" to worry and stress, and let your garden grow.

You've read Ed's books and articles and know that he has your best interests at heart. You've probably tried other remedies and have not been highly satisfied. Zero Tolerance has been under development by Ed for years and he is very happy to finally be bringing this excellent product to market. Be the first gardener in your neighborhood to "Just Say No!" to pests!

This product is suitable for indoor, greenhouses and outside gardening. Use 2 gallon sprayer, NOT a spray bottle, to insure coverage beneath leaves.

For leafy vegetables, herbs and spices use up to four days prior to harvest. For hard shelled fruits and vegetables use up to one day prior to harvest.

Natural Herbal Pesticide-Fungicide

• Environmentally safe
• Strongest commercial blends of herbal oils
• Bio-degradable
• Kills insects and fungus

Kills & Repels Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies, Mites, Powdery Mildew, Ants, caterpillars, gnats, root aphids, scale, spider mites, & gray and white fungus.

After years of research, I have developed a pesticide that I think you will be pleased with. It is safe when used as directed, contains no weird chemicals, and only the purest food grade ingredients. This product is a limited beta test. Test on a few leaves before use wait 24 hrs. If leaf burn occurs, dilute with water. Different varieties of plants have different responses to the pesticide strength. Once again, don't be afraid to dilute it. I'd appreciate your feedback. Please send your comments and experience to my email address ed@quicktrading.com. - Ed


Directions: Shake well. Use a spray bottle to mist over all leaves in early evening for best results Use at first sign of infestation and repeat every 3-4 days until under control Do not use on wilted or stressed plants.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place away from the reach of children.

Active Ingredients: Cinnamon oils: bark 0.07%, berry 0.07%, leaf 0.13%, Rosemary oil 0.13%, Thyme oil 0.13%, Clove oil 0.13%

Inactive Ingredients: Lecithin 0.10%, Vegetable Glycerine 2.50%, Water

Handle carefully: Do not ingest, Wear goggles and gloves and avoid getting into eyes and on skin. Avoid breathing in the spray mists. The herbal oils are naturally fragrant and if used indoors ensure ventilation as exposure to fragrance may be irritating to some individuals.

First Aid: In eyes or on skin: Wash with water. Consult your physician if irritation persists. Inhaled: Seek fresh air. Swallowed: Rinse mouth out with water. Do not induce vomiting. Obtain medical attention.

This product contains active ingredients listed under the 25(b) Minimum Risk Pesticide Products list and 4A list Minimum Risk Inerts for FIFRA and is exempt from EPA registration.